Nicefeel Waterpik Aquarius Countertop Water Flosser Tips Set 7pcs

Nicefeel - Globle-leading brand professional water flosser teeth cleaner. The world largest Oral care manufacturer.

Please Note: This tips set is only available for countertop water flosser, portable water flosser is not applicable. 

This product is Nicefeel Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser Tips Set, It's convenient for Nicefeel customers to purchase or replace. No need to re-purchase water flosser, just replace it.



Suitable for daily dental cleaning, more effective than dental floss, healthier for gums.
Ultra-fine pulsed water column deep into the teeth, pits and infraorbital area.
Remove tooth surface, soft dirt and food residue.
Jet power to effectively remove stains.
The pulse pressure is strong and weak, comfort massage gums, promote blood circulation under the arm, make the teeth more firm.


Suitable for clean implants, dentures, bridges, false crown cleaning and general cleaning.
For brushing hard to reach areas with plaque removal effect.
Novel design can effectively remove plaque.


Suitable for tongue cleaning, bad breath, tongue waste cleaning, fresh breath.
Circular arc design, conforms to the shape of tongue coating, covering the surface of the tongue.
With pulsed water, clean harmful bacteria and food residue on the surface of tongue coating.
Pulse jet injection, easy cleaning, better results.

Suitable for dental braces or other dental appliances.
The bristles are designed with fine pulsed water flow, while flushing the edges to clean the hidden parts of bacteria, soft dirt and food debris.
Suitable for daily dental care for people undergoing orthodontics/correction and installing implants.
The intensity of pulsed water is strong and weak, it comfortably massages gums, promotes blood circulation, makes gums healthier, and strengthens teeth.


Suitable for periodontal pocket cleaning, injection into specific parts under the gum line.
Pulsed water column deep into the periodontal pocket/underarm area.
Fine nozzles, low pressure, can clean the harmful bacteria in the periodontal pocket/under arm 6-7mm. Pulsed water, massage gums more comfortable.


Suitable for daily dental care, can be used with toothpaste.
Especially suitable for braces and dentures.
Round brush head for rear teeth cleaning, with ultra-fine pulsed water flow, edge punch brush, clean stubborn stains.
In-depth cleaning of hidden parts such as teeth, gums, and cavities.