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Nicefeel 300ML IPX7 Portable Cordless Ultra Water Flosser Classic Gray


Nicefeel - Globle-leading brand professional water flosser teeth cleaner. The world largest Oral care manufacturer.


Cleaning the tooth gap, tooth surface
Effectively remove plaque
Suppress gum bleeding
Reduce bad breath
Solve the troubles of the orthodontic person cleaning the mouth
Relieve toothache
Save on the cost and time of dental cleaning
Effective prevention of tooth decay and dental caries in children

NICEFEEL Oral Irrigator - Solve the eight major oral problems


【300ML LARGE LEAKAGE WATER TANK】Extra Big Water Reservoir provides enough and uninterrupted oral dental flossing. Due to the Open Tank and Detachable Design, it's much easier to clean the it inside of the water irrigator tank. Internal Leakproof Drainage Design has exclusive patent, which provides you comfortable flossing experience.

【HIGH EFFICIENCY IMPROVE HEALTHY GUM AND TEETH CLEAN】With 1800 times/minute high pressure water pulse and 4 jet water flosser, 360°rotating long nozzle,The cordless water flosser can powerful cleaning 99.99% food residue every corner precisely that traditional brushing can not reach. Specifically designed for periodontitis, braces.

【POWERFUL BATTERY】Built-in latest technology lithium battery,the usb rechargable waterpick cordless water flosser will last up to 20 days continuous use after one fully charged in just 4 hours. USB cable and charger adapter are included.

【CORDLESS & PORTABLE FOR TRAVELING】Portable oral irrigator with a storage bag perfect for fitting in your luggage while traveling, or use at home,office, hotel.Usb cordless water pick convenient for charging on power bank, table anywhere at anytime.

【3 FLOSSING MODE】Normal,soft and pulse mode is selectable for different oral care needs and people. Our cordless jet water flosser has memory function, you can set your favorite mode before power on. Two minutes auto-timer to avoid it still working after you finish cleaning.


Open tank design for easy cleaning
You can choose the best mode, then start the machine
Three modes of operation: standard mode/soft mode/massage mode
Internal leak-proof drainage design, exclusive patent
Charge for 4 hours a week (2 times/day)

Components Main Body/Tips 2pcs/ USB cable
Adapter  DC5V,1A
Water Jet Pulse 1400-1800 times/min
Working Modes normal, soft, pulse(massage)
Water Tank 200ml/300ml
Pressure Range 30-100psi
Waterproof grade IPX7 grade
Power Rating 5W
Battery 1400mAh Lithium battery


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1. Electric water flosser
2. Charging Cable
3. 4pcs replace tips
4. Portable box
5. Travel storage bag

Nicefeel 300ML IPX7 Protable Cordless Water Flosser Classic

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Saved my teeth

I have this wisdom tooth growing and I don’t want to remove it yet. It doesn’t hurt but it creates kind of a hole that makes food stuck in. I was very worried, afraid of teeth decay and removal. When I saw this product, I know that I had to try because regular floss can’t help me. That was a right decision because this water floss solved my problem. I bought this size not only because it’s portable, I actually think this is a suitable size to use easily and save space. My husband wants to try it too and he can because It comes with 4 heads in different colors. I love how you can adjust the mode before you start it. For me, I like the “pulse” mode, it’s gentle and already enough for me. This means you don’t have to worry if it’s strong enough because they have 3 modes. It is lightweight and has good design I think. Guess you can tell, I like it very muchhhh. Just don’t use it when you have your lipstick on.

I Could Complain

I like this thing. Clearly my gums will benefit greatly since using anything above the minimum setting makes a couple of spots in my gums bleed. I'm betting that they will become healthier with use.

I could complain that the unit pictured is not the one I received. The one I received actually sells for about $8 less than I paid. I could complain that there is no clasp on the lid (which opens to reveal a storage compartment for less often used attachments) and it falls open nearly every time I lift it. I could complain because the seller works the system by offering purchasers a shipment free mouthwash in return for a favorable review. But I won't.

Great product for travel

I have a full-size water flosser for my adult braces and freaked out when I was going out of town and not able to pick it! I purchased the NiceFeel on a whim because the price was right! And it was great! The reservoir had enough time for a full irrigation, it comes with 4 heads that all rotate, has a nice feel, and a cordless portable irrigator. I was a bit sad that it did not include an orthodontic tip which I thought it would and while there are 2 settings the regular is crazy hard, but the sensitive did a great job!

Unexpectedly easy to use

I recently got braces and as a result I need to floss A LOT. After spending a fortune on special floss picks for braces (~$4-$5 a bag) I decided to get a water flosser.

Previously I purchased a more expensive $60 Panasonic one but ended up not using it because it was a pain to use and had a tiny water tank.

The structure of this flosser is one of my favorite. First, the water tank is the perfect size, not too small (which causes you to refill multiple times) and not too big (making it hard to handle). The item is easy to handle on your hand and comes with 4 interchangeable hoses which means you can share with others if you choose to.

There are 3 settings and if you have sensitive teeth I suggest using soft which is gentler than normal setting. Another tip is first try flossing it with your mouth closed because if you open your mouth and use the flosser the water will get all over your mirror and sink.

It comes already charged but you can charge it anywhere (outlet or laptop) and that comes handy when traveling. The travel bag is a nice touch too.

Very pleased!

On my dentist's recommendation to buy a dental water flosser, I chose this model after extensive review of Amazon users of several other water flossers. I also bought one as a gift for my son, who is very happy with it. He made a sensible suggestion of filling the resevoir with a cup to avoid
detaching the resevoir more than needed to reduce wear of the connecting gaskets.